Currently offering lessons in jazz improvisation, music theory, saxophone, and jazz composition/arranging. In person lessons around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Skype  lessons  for those living outside that area. If interested send me an email at fray_alex@hotmail.com or through the Contact form.

What people say about the lessons:

“Lessons with Alex gave me the foundation I needed to be able to truly improvise freely; he taught me very digestible concepts in melody, harmony, rhythm, and technique. He also showed me how to create my own exercises so that I could continue to teach myself outside of his lessons. As a teacher, Alex was invaluable to my development as a musician and an individual. As a musician, he inspired me daily with his unique style and approach to the saxophone, combined with a flawless execution of ideas and a clearly distinct sound that showed his prowess and mastery, as well as a passion for music. I would (and have) recommend anyone who is serious about studying music to look him up.” Jonathan Mones

“Alex is a consummate musician. He’ s a unique player with his own musical voice. He’s well versed in a variety musical styles and is a brilliant teacher. Alex’s process for teaching jazz improvisation is refined and effective. His method builds a solid foundation and equips students with a comprehensive skill set that will allow them to play in a variety of jazz styles. Alex’s musicianship has always been an inspiration. He possesses the kind of musical spark in his playing that motivates his students to keep striving for the highest level of performance.” Brendon Wilkins

“Alex is one of the most authentically passionate educators out there; he truly cares about both the music and the student’s progress. All this, in addition to being a well-studied and tremendous player himself.” Austin Zhang